management plans and scripts technical support

  • Advanced management

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    • All Professional Features +
      OS updates and optimaziation
      FS security & performance
      Network performance & security
      Kernel update & Tuning
      Live websites transfer
      Internal Backup setup
      web application firewall (WAP)
      Hardening of SSH service.
      apache security and performance
      nginx security and performance
      Mysql optimaization and security
      php hardining and performance
      IP v6 support
      http/2 setup
      HSTS & DNSsec setup
      Spam filter
      System log analysis
  • Basic management

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    • OS Basic installation
      Control panel installation
      Service installation
      Revers DNS setup
      Server reboot and shutdown
      Hardware replacement
      1 OS Reload
      Alerts and warnings
  • Enterprise Management

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    • All Advanced Features +
      Automation of processes
      Pro-Guard server security
      DDOS Protection
      Re-secured post intrusion
      Root Cause problem solving
      External Backup service
      Custom needed settings
      Disaster Recovery
      security analysis
      performance benchmark
      smart cache system
      Real Time Security Scanning
      Built-in PHP Caching for Faster Loading
      Hot Data Caching
      TCP/IP hardening.
      monthly reports
      improvement recommendations
      monitoring and auto action
      Emergency Phone Support
  • Professional Management

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    • All Basic Features +
      System optimaization
      Control panel tuning
      service Optmaziation
      Automatic Bruteforce Detection
      IDS system
      Firewall setup
      24x7 Technical Support
      Basic montoring
  • Script Support

    $100 Setup Fee
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    • Technical support for most CMSs
      Wordpress - Joomla - Magento - ..etc
      upgrades and maintenance